Sold! Silver Bullet goes to Hollywood

Fitting end for Exweb base camp (11 pictures)
You may have seen the ad on Pythom: “Christmas in Malibu, spring skiing in the Sierras. Live, work, travel. This was our base for 3 amazing years. Working condition but could need fresh layer paint inside and some minor updates. Delivery can be arranged in California or Nevada.”

Those of you who’ve followed us for a while may recall our Silver Bullet stories. After we had arrived in New York City and years later gone west to Colorado, Silver Bullet finally took us across the last passes to the emigrants’ final destination; California.

We went for the gold rush in Silicon Valley, programming Pythom on the way and occasionally updating Exweb about the meet-ups and events in the boom-bust Mecca for technology. As usual, the journey became the real adventure. We slept in deserts, skied mountains on lunch breaks and surfed waves crashing outside our living room.

It’s been a wild ride but now we’ve reached the end of the road.

We got quite a few inquiries for her, Polar Hannah was interested but already en route to the ice.

Last week Silver Bullet finally sold to a film production company in Los Angeles. Her next mission: base camp for a survivor type show (sort of friendly parody on Bear Grylls) with lots of special effects .

As for us, an amazing 4-year long expedition is over and now bigger adventures lie ahead. Stay tuned!

Link to the first Silver Bullet story below. Original ad (with more pics) in Pythom ‘Used Gear’ section. (For other SB stories: search ‘Explorersweb’ and ‘Silver Bullet’ on Google.)