SpaceX to shuttle everyone to Mars

Musk details Mars plans

SpaceX have yet to put a man on the Space Station, but today Elon released details on how he would like to transport people to Mars. The presentation comes shortly after SpaceX latest “anomaly” and Jeff Bezos’ thereupon announced plans to compete with bigger rockets.

NASA have pitched mammoth Mars ideas to presidents for decades, Elon’s thinking is even more grandiose. He promises to shuttle millions of people to Mars and keep “thousands of spaceships in orbit,” some of his financial figures incredibly translating to as much as 300 years of US military budget.

Here goes the video (scroll part the first 20 minutes of music).

Borrowing from routine NASA strategy (Elon is a big fan of the agency) the latest vision is probably designed to raise more tax money and contracts from the government, while distracting from shortcomings.


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