Successful rescue by Mexican expedition team in Everest north

Everyone safe at base camp now

In direct communication with Jorge Salazar Gavia and the other members of the Everest North Mexican expedition, we have learned that all members are now safe in base camp since last night. “It was a well coordinated effort of all 6 remaining members of the expedition trough walkie talkie communication”.

Effectively Luis Alvarez was ahead of both Jorges on the climb, he established camp 3 that was to be used later by them. After reaching summit, Luis and a French climber along with 2 sherpas arrived late (around 7 pm) at camp 3 with serious vision problems.

Jorge Salazar Gavia and Jorge Hermosillo were in the camp preparing their summit push. In a tent for 3 there were 6 persons. “We couldn’t rest and we saw the state of both men, completely blinded. Yes, they where with sherpas but we took the decision to give up the summit and bring them down, there where no certainty they will get down safely only with the sherpas. We get communication with our people in base camp: Dra Patricia Arizmendi, Armando Ruiz Compache and Argentinean Pablo Zelaya immediately started their ascend to ABC, Pablo Zelaya went further to camp 1″.

Meanwhile the descent started to camp 2 under high winds, picking up the gear of each camp. When they reached camp 2 Luis was tired and wanted to rest, but rescuers insisted there was no time to lose and went directly to camp 1 where they rested.

The way down was with no incidents, as Luis got into 2 crevasses and was pulled out, only with scratches on his knees. At ABC he was recognized by the Dr. and took down where he arrived a night ahead of the rest who were picking up the gear of all camps. Jorge Salazar Gavia reached base camp only last night with a heavy load. Luis is on his way back to Mexico, slowly recovering his vision.

“It has been an epic journey, but we are all happy by the result” they stated finally. “We will prepare an official statement and we will upload it as soon as possible”