Summer 2017: Nanga Parbat Summits Already! (Updated)

Eight climbers reached the top earlier this week.


Expedition leader of summit party says, they couldn’t identify whether they reached the true summit or not. More here.


Summer climbing season is just kicking off and we already have first summits of the season. The news just in from Iran is that eight climbers, including Reza Shahlaee, reached the top of Nanga Parbat on June 11th.

Dreamers destination team, led by Mingma Gyalje Sherpa, reached Pakistan in last week of May. “With ending climbing season in Nepal, we are already in Pakistan for our next climb to Nanga Parbat. We will be going to K2 after it. We still need to wait 2-3 days more in city because our cargo is not arrived yet.” Mingma wrote on May 28th. The team consisted of climbers from Iran, China and Nepal.

A day later, they were on the way to Chilas. Fresh from their respective climbs in Nepal, the Sherpa team was fairly acclimatized to go up the mountain right away. While precise details about the expedition are not available yet, it appears that the team climbed Kinshofer route on Diamir side.

Nine climbers – four foreigners, four Sherpa and a Pakistani HAP – were in C3 on June 10th. Sherpa had fixed the route to the camp a day earlier. At around 9PM that night, the team left for the summit. Pakistani HAP turned back from 7500m, whereas remaining eight climbers made it to the top on June 11th at around 7PM; 20hrs after leaving C3.

The summit party made it back to BC couple of days ago and have already left for Chilas. Some members of the expedition will now be heading to K2.

Note: We will update the story with further details, summit photos and summiteer names as soon as further information arrives.