The clock started and Aleksander Doba soon paddles into the Atlantic

The clock started and Aleksander Doba soon paddles into the Atlantic

(By Piotr Chmielinski) The countdown already started to the inauguration of the Third Transatlantic Kayak Expedition of Aleksander Doba, 70 years YOUNG Polish kayaker, National Geographic Traveler of the Year 2015, and People’s Choice Adventurer of the Year 2015, as well as the winner of 2014 Canoe & Kayak Awards: Expedition of the Year; for most, simply Olek.

On May 29, 2016 at 13:07 Aleksander Doba will launch his kayak “OLO” on the waters of the Hudson River and from the New York Liberty Landing Marina, will pass close to the Statue of Liberty from where he will turn to the east, in the direction of Europe. Why at 13:07? Due to the ocean tides, early afternoon is the best time to start. Secondly, starting from the previous expeditions, Olek’s travel time is measured somewhat differently than is commonly accepted. The first day begins at the exact time of launch (13:07) therefore the full hour count shifts by seven minutes.

From New York, Olek will paddle across north side of the Atlantic, heading for Lisbon. This expedition will be quite different from the previous two because its route will run from west to east. It will also be more challenging because of low temperatures, strong and frequent storms occurring in this part of the ocean.

Preparations for the trip seem already completed. At this moment, the kayak “OLO” is being transported on board a container ship to New York, where I will pick it up in the coming days. Olek is also on his way to the US. Before departure from New York he will meet with a lot of people interested in his travels, and of course with the Polish community. First, he will visit in Chicago, where he has been expected for the past several years. This time it will be a chance to meet with the Poles and other residents of the windy city, among others at the Polish Museum, Polish Congress and at the Polish Consulate.

Next in the program is Washington and finally New York, where Olek will talk about the planned expedition also in NY Explorers’ Club.

About Olek’s visit in the United States we will keep you posted.

Aleksander (Olek) Doba – the retired engineer living in Police, Poland. A man of many passions like gliders piloting, biking, sailing and most of all kayaking. He is known as the first man crossing the Atlantic twice in his kayak “OLO”. The first transatlantic expedition was done in 2011 on the shortest route between Dakar, Senegal and Fortaleza, Brazil. The second one in 2014 was done between the most distant points of European and American costs that were Lisbon, Portugal and New Smyrna Beach, Florida, USA.

Now Aleksander Doba has undertaken the third trip, this time in direction from the west to the east, connecting New York and Lisbon. This way he intends to close the transatlantic circle that was the main aim of his expeditions.