The Day Everest Shook: Documentary

The documentary combines footage from several teams on the ground in Nepal, expert testimony from world-renowned scientists, UGC footage and CGI to illustrate the anatomy of an earthquake and how and why this happened.
April 25th, 2015 an Earthquake in Nepal shook the country and the Himalayas.

One of the reports on Explorersweb:

1415hrs Nepal Time

Eric Arnold describes the earthquake scene at Everest BC in his blog post. “Lying in my tent seems like someone is shaking my tent, a joke Ritchie I think. Not much later, the shaking of the tent over in the shaking of the ground. Harder and harder. I realize earthquake !! When I opened my tent zipper I see three sides gigantic avalanches come down. Behind me from the Lingtren from the icefall and Pumori. The avalanche from the Icefall-Nuptse is gigantic. Not much later I realize that the cloud base camp is going to hit. Arnold beckons me, come to the mess tent. I run the 20 feet to the tent, mid avalanche cloud touches me. I am totally lost direction and walk against Moulay his tent. Then I storm into the tent. My ears are filled to the brim with snow. In five seconds, I look like the abominable snowman. It is now an hour after the avalanche. Details about the victims, I do not know. Our plan to walk to Pumori BC was not happy today. From which side was a huge avalanche.”

Watch the documentary here…