The Icarus Trophy 2016 – The Sky Is Calling

The Adventurists’ Icarus Trophy is taking to the skies in September 2016 after a successful pioneering run in October. With designers, professionals and test pilots taking part alongside new trainees and hobbyists, this promises to be the most diverse and challenging adventure to date.

The word ‘paramotoring’ might not mean much to the casual observer, but it is a sport that has created a vibrant and enthusiastic community since the 1980s.

Equipped with a harness, a wing and an engine, paramotoring – or ‘PPG’ as it is known in the industry, short for ‘powered paragliding’ – combines a reckless sense of adventure with the adrenalin rush of flying seven kilometres above the surface of the Earth.

The Icarus Trophy is the first competitive fixture in the PPG calendar to incorporate long-distance cross-country flying, with the route winding down the west coast of the USA from Montana to California.

The Race Class, won in its inaugural edition by Australian instructor David Wainwright, rules that competitors must take no support in the race, having to locate their own fuel and always take off from the same spot as they landed.

The Adventure Class is for those wishing to get a bit more lost en route, and allows for support trucks and nights in hotels.

The adventure is run over the course of two weeks, and live online tracking and daily updates have allowed an immersive and engaging experience for followers.

With the adventure open to anyone capable of flying a paramotor, many have taken to the skies around the world to prepare for the 2016 race.

Schools in the UK, Spain, USA and Australia are training new applicants both over the winter and into the new year.

Any interested parties can find out more at the website or contact The Adventurists directly at