The Triumphs and The Controversies: Desnivel Remembers Ueli Steck

The short and dramatic life of a Himalayan speed climber

The Eiger, the Alps 82, the Khumbu Express, the Young Spider, a new route on the north side of GII East, Annapurna rescue attempt of Inaki and negligence on Shisha Pangma, the Everest attack, the recent Piolet d’Or investigation: Spanish Desnivel present a veteran mountain correspondent’s knowledgeable and nuanced obituary for passed speed climber Ueli Steck.


Ueli Stecks solo ride in the Khumbu-Express: Stops at Cholatse and Tawoche (2005)

ExWeb interview with Ueli Steck: I will have just one shot on Annapurna (2007)

ExWeb interview with Ueli Steck: “We couldn’t have lived with ourselves otherwise” (2008)

Breaking News: Ueli Steck reportedly Summits Annapurna from South Face (2013)

Mount Everest attack: Denis Urubko sounds off (2013)

Shisha Pangma Negligence: Avalanche with long-term sequences (2016)

Piolets d’Or 2017 to discuss need of evidence in alpinism (2017)

Ueli Steck killed (2017)