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Everest season closing

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Last week was all about Himalaya and Everest. Watch also for a major wing suit event in China.


Everest Summits without Bottled Oxygen from Northside and Tragedy on Southside; Makalu Ascents (Updated) raheel

Some troubles on Everest North for Mexican expedition docgavia

Spring 2016 Round Up: Final Summit Attempts of the Season, Fatalities and Rescues raheel

Manaslu New Route: Attempt Aborted larisa

Over 200 summitting Mount Everest today; a Sherpa guide dies pythom

Hillary Step Altered? Not So Fast tina

Interview: Carlos Soria, Annapurna Summit at Age 77 tina

Azim Gheichisaz is on the way to join 8000meters Club leyla

Shackleton 100: South Georgia crossing correne

Everest North Side Summit: Irina Galay (28) became the first Ukrainian woman, who climbed Everest alexej

Greenland Skiing Round Up correne

K2 without toes: Santiago Quintero going for it next month pythom

Events and Expeditions

Expedition follows fabled crossing from Greenland to Scotland in Kokatat gearmhc123

The clock started and Aleksander Doba soon paddles into the Atlantic piotrch

Crowd Funding Projects

Crowdfunding: MountaiNow – Safer Together pythom


Space: Dispatches from the Garden of the Gods, Final tina

Space: Dispatches from the Garden of the Gods, How Safe are We tina

Expedition Dispatches

Meet Me in Kathmandu High Adventure Expeditions

Dhaulagiri, Everest – Triumph & Tragedy Chris Jensen Burke (Annapurna / Dhaulagiri)

The mountain is cleared Adventure Consultants Everest 2016

Team returns to Kathmandu after a successful and safe climb on Everest Madison Mountaineering

zondag 22/05/2016 Back in ABC, safe! Sofie Lenaerts & Paul Hegge Everest

Everest North side team reaches the summit Satori Expeditions

A safe end to a High Adventure Expedition High Adventure Expeditions

Everest South Side Team reaches the summit Satori Expeditions

Summit Photos Adventure Consultants Everest 2016

Everest 2016 • Celebration at Rum Doodle Adventures Global

23 May 2016 Arjun Vajpai (young Indian) climbing

they don’t have much, and don’t claim much Borge Ousland Polar Exploration

Solar Impulse is in Dayton, what’s next? Solar Impulse

Celebration for survivors Vagabond

End of a successful Greenland ice cap crossing Icelandic Mountain Guides

Noch ein Teilnehmer im Aufstieg zum Makalu AMICAL alpin

LO YETI ESISTE: è una scimmia! SaxuMundi Explora Limits by Davide Peluzzi

Everyone has taken a swim, big time ! Borge Ousland Polar Exploration

Dhaulagiri – it’s over Chris Jensen Burke (Annapurna / Dhaulagiri)

NEWS/ Everest 3 Peaks 3 Passes update Jagged Globe

News from Around the World

The Science Behind Why Climbing Mount Everest Is A Non-Stop Horror ShowKarakorum Climbers News

Everest/Lhotse 2016: Why People Die on Everest Alan Arnette

Carla Pérez, cima en el Everest sin oxígeno Desnivel (Spain)

Everest dal versante nord (Italian)

Everest/Lhotse 2016: Arnold Coster Statement on Climber’s Deaths Alan Arnette

Everest 2016: Hundreds Summit, First Ukranian Woman, Frostbite and Two DeathsGripped

Transparent Everest climbers Abenteuer Sport with Stefan Nestler

Beck Weathers: “It made my life more rewarding” Abenteuer Sport with Stefan Nestler

Marriage proposal on Everest Abenteuer Sport with Stefan Nestler

What happens to your body on Mount Everest Karakorum Climbers News

The Wright Stuff: A Question of Risk Climbing

Pair in record breaking dinghy attempt Yachting & Boating World

Mont Blanc Major Route ski descent by Luca Rolli and Francesco Civra Dano Planet Mountain

Makalu: Confortola e Camandona verso la vetta (Italian)

How to Prevent Accidental Unclipping Climbing

A pirate walks into a bar … jokes from the deep blue sea Yachting & Boating World

A Note From Alex Honnold’s Mom Climbing

Expedition follows fabled crossing from Greenland to Scotland: A Q&A with team member Olly Hicks! Canoe & Kayak

Hawaii’s Big Wave Award Winning Aaron Gold Nearly Drowns at CloudbreakSurfnewsnetwork

Sailor dies after yacht capsizes during “fierce” squall Yachting & Boating World

Des nouvelles de l’expédition de Mélusine Mallender (2015/2016) : Direction le Pakistan & l’Iran Un Monde D’Aventures (French)

A Female Alpinist on Why Cancer Made Her Climb Better Than Ever Outside Mag

World Wingsuit LeagueWorld Wingsuit League

Video: Woman sails solo with her rescue cat Yachting & Boating World

I Am Alaska Bound! The Adventure Blog

Video: When We Were Knights – A Story of Friendship, Love, and Wingsuits The Adventure Blog

Manaslu, nuova via dalla cresta nord: Hámor e Colibasanu rinunciano (Italian)

Watch Film about Riders on the Storm: Big Patagonia Route that Almost Went FreeGripped

Silk Route is Underway – Follow #TDASilkRoute TDA Global Cycling

Yachts used to transport migrants to the UK; gang arrested Yachting & Boating World

GREENLAND SNOWKITE: DAY 13 – If James Bond had a kite it would look something like this… Berghaus Community

How Everest is changing: we watched Zoolander 2 on a screen in the tentKarakorum Climbers News

A Novel Idea: Using Sea Kayaking as the Setting for a Mystery Novel Canoe & Kayak

Video: Russian team’s insane first descent in Xinjiang, China Canoe & Kayak

India hosts its first IFSC Climbing World Cup Outdoor Journal (In)

Leo Houlding Solos Pillar of Wisdom in Wadi Rum Gripped

Actor Jared Leto Joins Alex Honnold on El Cap in Yosemite The Adventure Blog

Matterhorn East Face ski descent: in the right place at the right time Planet Mountain

Nepal’s child soldier turned skyrunning champ Mira Rai hits the UK The BMC

‘Ghost’ yacht, FireFly found drifting off Australian coast Yachting & Boating World

What It’s Like to Encounter a Polar Bear Face-to-Face in Greenland Outside Mag

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