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Everest frenzy winding down

Last week was mostly about the commercial/guided action on Mount Everest, (true and false) fatalities, and an encore from last year about a collapse of Hillary Step. Among the more notable climbs, an Everest traverse (now threatened with legal action), an ascent without oxygen alongside the rope fixing team, and a speed ascent.

In other news: Another Space update in Pythom labs.


Everest Traverse facing legal challenge, “I’ll never regret what I did.” pythom

Horia Colibasanu: “I want to open a new route next” tina

Shisha South Wall update: Great climb stopping very near summit tina

(Nestler/Updated) Without O2: Everest summit pushes are on, fatality toll unclear pythom

“Some times you got to go get after it.” MP bagged Everest pythom

Desnivel: Everest Speed Records Rundown pythom

Montagna: Dhaula Summit, Moro/Tamara abort push pythom

Everest: N/S traverse, Blind Summit, Fatality toll rises to 4, Dujmovits holding pythom

Kilian Jornet Everest Speed Climb BC to Summit no/O2 in 26 hrs pythom

Everest Hillary Step Collapsed? Not So Fast, Take 2 pythom

Events and Expeditions


Pythom Space: Base Camps on Other Planets tina

Expedition Dispatches

Pender Team leaving The South Col Adventure Consultants Everest 2017

Everest 2017 Recap Madison Mountaineering

Pender Team Heading for Summit Tonight Adventure Consultants Everest 2017

Horia Colibășanu a dus steagul României pe Everest Horia Colibasanu (RO) 8000m peaks

Back from Summit Everest 2017 Mountain Professionals

The great Everest self-fulfilling prophecy Mark Horrell

Kilian Jornet’s Ascent of Everest Kilian Jornet: Summits of my Life

News from Around the World

Everest without O 2: Right on schedule Abenteuer Sport with Stefan Nestler

Base jumper muore schiantandosi sulla roccia in Trentino (Italian)

Himalaya Spring 2017: Summit Pushes Continue with End of Season in Sight The Adventure Blog

Moro, Lunger: arrivederci Kanche (Italian)

¿Está Kilian Jornet intentando de nuevo el Everest? Desnivel (Spain)

I 4 morti in tenda all’Everest? Non esistevano (Italian)

La noticia de los cuatro alpinistas encontrados muertos en su tienda en el Everest es falsa Desnivel (Spain)

Himalaya Spring 2017: Reports of Dead Climbers at Camp 4 Untrue The Adventure Blog

Todos pendientes de Kilian Jornet y su reto en el Everest Desnivel (Spain)

Elisabeth Revol hace cima en el Lhotse y va a por el Everest Desnivel (Spain)

The High-Risk Body Recovery on Everest May Very Well Kill Someone Outside Mag

Updated: Reports of Four Deaths on Everest Were False Outside Mag

What Happened to the Four Everest Climbers Who Died in Their Tent Outside Mag

Simone Moro e Tamara Lunger: finisce qui (Italian)

Simone Moro and Tamara Lunger end Kangchenjunga Skyline Project Planet Mountain

BMC summits Mount Everest with Scott Mackenzie The BMC

Himalaya Spring 2017: More Summits on Everest and Dhaulagiri, Near Miss on Shishapangma The Adventure Blog

Western Canada Climber Dick Culbert Passes Gripped

Austria to Host a Wicked 1980s Climbing Festival Gripped

Himalaya Spring 2017: So What’s The Story with the Hillary Step? The Adventure Blog

Hervé Barmasse y David Göttler hacen cumbre en el Shisha Pangma Desnivel (Spain)

Himalaya Spring 2017: New Round of Summit Pushes Begin, Illegal Traverse, 4 More Deaths on Everest The Adventure Blog

Without O2: The Everest summit pushs of Dujmovits and Co. are on Abenteuer Sport with Stefan Nestler

Three British sailors rescued after their yacht collides with a whale Yachting & Boating World

Carlos Soria, tras su intento al Dhaulagiri “Podía haber subido a la cima pero vi que iba a bajar mal” Desnivel (Spain)

Ombre sulla traversata Nord-Sud senza ossigeno di Janusz Adamski (Italian)

Revol: dopo il Lhotse cerca la doppietta con l’Everest (Italian)

Continua la paradossale vicenda di Ryan Sean Davy, l’abusivo dell’Everest (Italian)

First Ever Kelly Slater Virtual Reality Surf Session Surfnewsnetwork

Farewell, Ueli! Abenteuer Sport with Stefan Nestler

Hervé Barmasse and David Göttler, 13 hours up the South Face of Shisha Pangma Planet Mountain

Himalaya Spring 2017: Kilian Preparing For Another Go at Everest? The Adventure Blog

Has Everest’s famous Hillary Step Collapsed or Not? Outdoor Journal (In)

Goettler and Barmasse climb through Shishapangma South Face Abenteuer Sport with Stefan Nestler

El reto de Kilian Jornet y los otros récord de velocidad del Everest Desnivel (Spain)

Shisha: cima “dubbiosa” per Barmasse e Gottler (Italian)

Jornet and Holzer on Everest, Revol on the Lhotse Abenteuer Sport with Stefan Nestler

Snapchatting Climbers Return to Everest Outdoor Journal (In)

Kilian Jornet Summits Everest UKClimbing

Le immagini della vetta di Confortola (Italian)

Revol sul Lhotse si ferma 36 metri dalla vetta (Italian)

Summit attempt on the Annapurna Northwest Face is on Abenteuer Sport with Stefan Nestler

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