Today’s Everest Summits: a Ukrainian, an 18-Year-Old, a Double Amputee, Dozens More

Another perfect bluebird day atop Everest, another batch of triumphant summiters.

One of the biggest groups, with 17 clients and 27 Sherpas, was Lukas Furtenbach’s Express team. Even before they flew to Nepal, the climbers followed a training regime which included sleeping in a hypobaric chamber. They only landed in Kathmandu 16 days ago!

Once in the Himalaya, they first climbed Mera Peak, and reached BC so acclimatized (for an oxygen-aided ascent) that they only needed one trip up the Icefall. Since then, all they’ve had to do is wait for good weather.

Sherpa in colorful clothing atop Everest, next to prayer flags

A colorful Dorchi Wangdak, working with Seven Summit Treks, on the summit.


The Himalayan Times reported that David Ashley, 48, of the U.S. summited this morning with Phurba Sonam Sherpa and Karma Gyalzen Sherpa. Ashley is a kidney donor.

Summit pictures taken by yesterday’s groups have begun to appear on social media. Among them, our lead photo of Antonina Samoilova, the only Ukrainian climber this year. Joining her was 18-year-old American Lucy Westlake and Italian para-athlete Andrea Lanfri. Lanfri lost both legs and seven fingers to meningitis, Planet Mountain reports. He climbed with his regular guide, Luca Montanari. Dozens of other climbers, with perhaps less singular stories than the above, also made it to the top.

18-year-old Everest summiter with arms raised

Lucy Westlake summited at just 18. Photo: Lucy Westlake


Line of climbers at night

The nighttime train to the summit. Photo: Lucy Westlake


The overall success rate these past two days has been high, thanks to the great weather and despite the usual crowding on the upper sections. Yesterday, there were more than 100 summits. Today, the number may decrease, but the number of happy climbers is still in the dozens. Meanwhile, a third wave is on the go.

Angela Benavides

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