Treasure Hunt for $10,000 Trove of ‘Apocalypse Survival Gear’ Kicks Off

Unorthodox outdoor brand Vollebak is giving away a bunch of gear to help you live through the end of the world (or just really bad weather).

Imagine a mad scientist designed super-high-end apparel to help him survive the end times. That’s pretty much the vibe of Vollebak, a company (in)famous for off-the-wall clothing like a Dyneema Composite Fabric puffy, a jacket woven mostly of copper, and a technical shirt made of “rare cotton”.

Surviving the zombie apocalypse can get pricy, but folks can get their hands on more than $10,000 worth of Vollebak gear starting on October 12. That’s when Vollebak will drop an appropriately intimidating wardrobe full of clothing somewhere on the planet. After that, it’s finders keepers (the clothing, not the wardrobe.) It’s a bummer you don’t get to keep the giant metal closet, but a free Apocalypse Jacket is just going to have to do.

a large metal Vollebak wardrobe against a white background

The appropriately on-brand wardrobe will contain over $10,000 in Vollebak gear. Photo: Vollebak

Two ways to win

There are two ways to get the swag — a guessing game and a treasure hunt. For the former, head here and type in the GPS coordinates or address you think the wardrobe might end up. You’ve got between now and October 12 to input your guess. The closest answer wins.

It’s a little like playing the lottery, except if you win, you’ll be all set to weather whichever apocalypse scenario ends up being “the one”. Our guess is “rogue asteroid”, but your mileage may vary.

If you happen to be the treasure-hunting type, check back at Vollebak on October 12 at 1:00 pm EST. That’s when the company will release a short video with a clue as to the wardrobe’s location. Vollebak says the wardrobe won’t be in the Arctic or Amazon, but other than that, all bets are off.

Hunters then have 48 hours to find and snag some gear before Vollebak extracts the wardrobe.

Let’s just hope the world lasts that long.

Andrew Marshall