Urubko to the Rescue Again; Twice in 24 Hours

Denis Urubko is at it again. Yesterday, the Kazakh strongman and Sergi Mignote came to the assistance of  Saulius Damulevicius of Lithuania on the Gasherbrum Glacier. And this morning, he also assisted a Pakistani climber on the same glacier.

Damulevicius was suffering from pulmonary edema, and his climbing partner Natalia Zenina was unable to help.

Urubko and Mingote left Base Camp at 10am and reached the ailing climbers within an hour. The duo shepherded the Lithuanian down, reaching Base Camp by 3pm. Damulevicius was then evacuated by helicopter.

After the rescue, Urubko said, “We were ready for the worst.Tent, oxygen.”

Just call me doctor. Photo: Denis Urubko


This is Urubko’s second and third rescue in the past five days, after helping extract Francesco Cassardo on Gasherbrum VII (6,955m) earlier this week.

Lowering the stricken Pakistani climber in a makeshift sled, together with Sergi Mignote and others. Photo: Denis Urubko