Suck It On A Budget, The Vibrelli Hydration Pack

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Hydration Packs are an easy way to transport large amounts of water without worrying about the added weight or varying shapes of water bottles. You might need one if you hike, run or ski regularly and the Vibrelli Hydration Pack is a fantastic choice as it’s versatile and capable with plenty of additional storage space for gear. This hydration pack has a bladder pocket, and lots of storage for snacks and other small items, plus an adjustable bungee strap for other gear that traditionally doesn’t fit in a pack, bike helmet included. I’ve had this pack for about two years now and have been pleasantly surprised with its performance.

vibrelli hydration pack


Big Days Outdoors Means Lots Of Water

The two-liter capacity means I have plenty of water for pretty much any activity – I rarely run out. I’ve only used the full two liters for long day hikes or during very long, full-day ski tours. The Vibrelli has joined me on multiple cross-country ski days proving its resistance to freezing. I’ve even packed this pack onto my paddleboard for access to water for long paddles on the Willamette and Klickitat Rivers. I often pack the bladder in the main pouch if it is completely full as it fits better there. Then, I tuck my snacks, a knife and/or multitool, and any other necessities like sunscreen into the mesh pouch. While there isn’t enough space for all of my needs for bigger adventures, this pack is perfect for moving fast and light.

I often struggle to find packs that appropriately fit my frame but I’ve liked the fit of this pack and how snugly I can adjust the hip and sternum straps to prevent it from bouncing during high-impact activities. The pack distributes weight evenly and doesn’t dig into the skin, which is a must-have when I’m not all bundled up on hot days. You’ll find an emergency whistle on the sternum strap, in a very accessible position, for a little extra peace of mind should disaster strike while you’re outdoors. The tube can be set up on the left or right side. I usually keep my water on the left but to each their own! Reflective tabs on the pack’s exterior enhance visibility, and the durable, high-tenacity 420 denier ripstop fabric suffered plenty of hits and abrasions from trees, rocks, spiny things, and a couple of falls onto the snow and rough ground and held up incredibly well.

Vibrelli Hydration Pack

The Buy

In my humble opinion, the affordability, durability, and space made the Vibrelli Hydration Pack stand above the rest for any outdoor activity. At an MSRP of $23.98, the Vibrelli Hydration pack is an affordable option in a world of high-tech hydration packs.

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