Waiting for Great Trango: A Second Short Route Opened

Eneko and Iker Pou, Fay Manners, and Andres Marin are at the Trango Towers in Pakistan. Their main goal is to ascend Great Trango Tower (6,286m). The team is waiting for a weather window. The massive tower is currently full of snow, as it has been snowing almost every day for two weeks.

It has been snowing for two weeks every day at the Trango Towers.

It has been snowing every day for two weeks at the Trango Towers. Photo: Austin Schmitz


Keeping busy

Not content to sit in their tents, the team has kept busy. In late May, the team opened “Dommage Pas De Fromage” (Pity, No Cheese) on the Little Trango Tower. They have now opened another short route close to their base camp.

It’s not clear exactly where the new route is located, but they have named it “The Pretty, The Bad, and The Ugly (7a, 230m)”. The trio of the Pou brothers and Fay Manners climbed the route alpine style in seven hours. They free climbed it non-stop, on excellent granite.

A photo from their second short new route of 230m.

A photo from the 230m new route. Photo: Hermanos Pou


As soon as the weather and terrain permit, the team of four will begin their main objective.

Kris Annapurna

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