Waiting: The Usual Winter Nanga Parbat Business

When in doubt, make chapati!
(By Raheel Adnan) Winter Nanga Parbat has started showing its colour: hurricane winds thrash the summit and heavy snow is reported from valleys below. Teams on both side of the mountain are still in Base Camps; resting, recovering and waiting for better conditions. Nanga Parbat is known to keep climbers waiting for weeks. Nevertheless, there was a prolonged good weather window a week ago as we witnessed an incredible summit push on Diamir side and significant progress on Schell route.u2028u2028Elisabeth Revol has already reached France. Tomek Mackiewicz’s injuries are being treated in Gilgit. Daniele Nardi and Russian team await better weather conditions. Alex Txikon and Iranian climbers are about to reach Diamir side of the mountain.