Wanted: 6 tops in six months. Himalaya then and now, Nick’s story

80s Flashback with Nick Cienski
(Tina Sjogren) There’s this untried question in Himalaya about topping out all 14 8000ers within a year. Can it be done?

Now one climber will give it a shot – or at least half of it in the coming 6 months. Continuing our Himalaya spring season climbing interviews we’ve caught up with Nick Cienski for a chat.

Chances are you’ll find him building furniture out of recycled wood or tinkering with outdoor gear but it was a different story back in the day. Nick was on Everest in 1989 with a team of Polish climbers including Artur Hajzer.

“Zyga, Falko, and Genek Chrobak, Carlos and Elsa Carsolio were there as well,” Nick tells us.

“We were trying to climb the West Ridge, but did not have enough funds to purchase a permit from the Chinese side so we came to the Nepal base camp. However, to gain the ridge from here we had to climb up and over the high ridge that stretches from Pumori.”

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