Watch: The Dog That Loves Paragliding

Paraglider and filmmaker Adrien Nisan, 39, lives in his van in the French Alps. Recently, he was having a hard time — lonely, depressed, and with little work because of COVID. Then he adopted a three-year-old Samoyed named Ouka who had been abandoned twice by previous owners.

On mountain scrambles, Nisan noticed that Ouka was not afraid of heights. He decided to see how the dog would take to paragliding. So he sewed Ouka a special harness and away the pair went.

In the clip, produced by the BBC, Nisan admits that despite Ouka’s relaxed demeanor, not everyone approves of this unusual tandem. But although the dog can’t express any discomfort in words, “When Ouka doesn’t like something, you immediately know,” says Nisan.