Weekend Warm-Up: Runner vs Basejumper

Every one of us can recall a time when a friend challenged us to do something daring and potentially dangerous. But how would you feel if it was a race up the face of an unstable mountain and a descent by wingsuit? For this duo, it’s an average day in the life of their friendship. 

Tom Erik Heimen, one of the world’s most experienced BASE jumpers, and long-distance runner Kilian Jornet crossed paths on Romsdalshorn, Norway’s most iconic mountain and the beloved playground of climbers and BASE jumpers alike. Their mutual appreciation for each other’s talents and passion for mountains and skiing inspired this friendly, and yes, potentially life-threatening race up their favorite peak.

Romsdalshorn, Norway’s most iconic mountain. Photo: norwegianmountainguides.com


Both brought something different to the table. Jornet possessed speed and Heimen, strength. They decided to not only put their unique skills to the test but also to observe other areas in which they could improve. Each athlete had his own route. Jornet engaged the north face of the mountain, which required a more technical touch for the loose rocks that waited for him, while Heimen took the normal route, which was deemed the easier of the two, but with the heightened risk of falling. 

Within an hour, their GoPros captured pure adrenaline and heart-pounding moments as they raced to the top, evading fatal mistakes and showing some great moments in sportsmanship and camaraderie.