Winter Annapurna: Another Setback

The Winter Annapurna team has again retreated from Camp 3. This time, it is because their cache of gear needed to fix the route above that point had disappeared — into a crevasse, Alex Txikon suggested.

“The area where the deposit was located [in] complex terrain, a set of seracs that could have…given way, forming a large crack where everything was lost,” Txikon told his home team.

Expectations were high two days ago when Txikon and company headed for Camp 3 in good weather and at a fast pace. Had all gone well, they might have attempted the summit today, Friday. But although they reached Camp 3 at 6,400m yesterday as planned, they retreated to Base Camp that same day.

Txikon takes a selfie of him and other climbers below while they progress on fixed ropes at a steep section.

On Annapurna. Photo: Alex Txikon


What now? Will the team try to replace the lost gear, including 2,000m of rope, several kinds of anchors, and three tents? Or will they go home?

“[We are having a] difficult time at Base Camp after yesterday’s [setback],” Txikon said.

Txikon inside the sleeping bag and in full high altitude clothes.

Alex Txikon. Photo: Alex Txikon’s team

Angela Benavides

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