Winter Annapurna: Everyone Moving Up

The good weather is expected to continue until Wednesday, and all the climbers are heading up winter Annapurna. No one has mentioned going for the summit, but everything suggests that this will be the case.

The climbers are acclimatized after a first rotation to Camp 3 last week. They then rested for three days in Base Camp.

Camp 2 today

According to the climber’s communication team, Alex Txikon, Chhepal, Ang Gyalu, Passan Nurbu, Magkpa, Mig Temba, Lakpa, Pemba, and Mattia Conte reached Camp 1 at 5:15 pm yesterday. They noted that Andres Navamuel set off for Camp 1 as well.

“A second group of sherpas planned to go all the way from Base Camp to Camp 2 today,” the press release reads. It shared no names. The climbers in Camp 1 confirmed that the weather is even warmer than on their previous rotation.

We asked Txikon’s communication team about summit plans, the use of oxygen, and also whether the climbing team intends to set up a Camp 4. This could be essential during a summit push.

“We will inform further as the team advances up the mountain and defines its strategy,” they replied.

A zoom photo of tents on a ridge, compiled on a larger image of the mountain's lower sections.

Camp 1 on Winter Annapurna. Photo: @navamuel.andres

Angela Benavides

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