Winter Gasherbrum I: Urubko Arrives at Skardu Hospital

Denis Urubko is finally at the Combined Military Hospital in Skardu. Doctors are treating his frostbitten hands.

The jeep driving Urubko from Jhola reached town at nearly 4 am this morning. The Russian climber will now receive medical assistance and a diagnosis, according to which, he’ll decide when to fly back to Islamabad.

Preliminary reports from doctors are optimistic and point to a full recovery according to Urubko’s home team.

The Combined Military Hospital in Skardu.

The Combined Military Hospital in Skardu. Photo: Camp 4 Tours


Urubko has communicated with friends, sounding strong and confident on the phone. He explained that he endured constant snowfall and poor visibility from Goro II (which is still on the Baltoro Glacier) to the end of the road at Jhola.

Urubko made the entire trip in just two days, despite a lack of rest and frostbite. He is well aware that every minute counts with frostbite that requires treatment.

Angela Benavides

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