Winter K2: Bielecki Hit by Rock; Urubko back in action

Adam Bielecki suffers facial wounds from falling rock – protected by helmet; Denis Urubko

Just days after returning the K2 from the rescue operation on Nanaga Parbat, Adam Bielecki was hit by a large stone while climbing from base camp to C2 at a height of 5,800m, according to an official statement from the Polish Expedition.

Protected by his helmet, the 34-year-old alpinist did not lose consciousness and was able to descend to basecamp. “The result is a broken nose and 6 stitches, which were professionally put by Piotr Tomala and Marek Chmielarski directed by phone instructions from Robert Szymczak,” he reported via Facebook.

Adam is resting up and is expected to make a full recovery in a few days.


Denis Urubko,

Bielecki’s partner in the Nanga rescue, is also back in action on K2.

Urubko send an update (apparently before the accident above) on his recent activities to RussianClimb, who translated it as follows:

“Descended to the BC. All’s okay. We spent night in C2. Wind gusts were up to 100 km. In the Morning today we started, but Marcin refused to work. Hurricane, etc. But I understand him 🙂 The same weather forecast for tomorrow. It was nothing what for we have to sit there. I managed to “run” 300 m, check the ropes, added some ropes, left the deposit. Tried to find a place for the tent over a crest, sheltered from the wind. But not successfuly.

Here is very few snow, by the way. In Russian exp in 2012 on the pics you sent there was more snow, it was easier to set the tents. For us, this Camp 2 is a ” headache”.

A pleasant feeling that I have recovered after the rescue. The body “pulls” without question.

Tonight Maciej climbed to C1, tomorrow according the plan, Adam and Janusz, going the C2. Guys hope to set C3.

And I rela-a-ax!”

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