Winter Nanga Parbat: Route Statistics

Explaining routes taken by Twenty Five winter Nanga Parbat expeditions thus far, by data and info-graphics.

Nanga Parbat is an enormous mountain with three distinct faces – Rakhiot, Rupal and Diamir. While majority of initial expeditions focused on Rakhiot, the other two became more known sides over the following decades. As of now, 90% of summer ascents of the mountain have been made via Diamir side (via Kinshofer route).

In winter, however, pioneers preferred the side which was better warmed by sun. First three winter attempts on Nanga Parbat registered via Schell Route. None of them could go beyond 6800m, though. In 1996/1997, Poles switched to Diamir side and made the most successful winter attempt on the mountain.

Following data and info-graphics (attached with the article) explain the routes taken by Twenty Five winter Nanga Parbat expeditions, thus far.

Total Winter Attempts = 25 (prior to this season)

1) Diamir Side: 16

i) Kinshofer: 10*

ii) Northeast Side (Messner-Messner- Eisendle-Tomaseth 2000): 03*

iii) Mummery Rib: 04*

iv) Messner 1978: 01

(*Includes one expedition where team members attempted three different routes.)

2. Rupal Side: 09

i) Schell: 07**

ii) S-SE Spur (Messner 1970): 02**

iii) SE Pillar: 01

(** Includes one expedition where team attempted two routes.)