Breaking News: Fatality on Ulter Sar

K2 Mountain
Austrian mountaineer Christian Huber. Photo: Higher Ground Expeditions via AP

Austrian climber Christian Huber has died in an avalanche that hit his tent at Camp Two on Ulter Sar (7388 m), Pakistan. Ultar Sar is the southeastern-most major peak of the Batura Muztagh, a subrange in the Karakoram.

British climbers Timothy Miller (left) and Bruce Normand (right) suffered only minor injuries. Photo: Karrar Haidri

The other two members of the team, Britons Bruce Normand and Timothy Miller, are safe and awaiting rescue at C2, although the storm that pounded their camp before the avalanche is said to be worsening.

Ultar Sar is in the center with the notable black face. Photo: Brian McMorrow

This story was edited to correct an error in the height of Ulter Sar.

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3 years ago

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