Breaking: Missing Malaysian Climber Found Alive

Wui Chin spotted from a helicopter at around 7500m this morning. Photo

A team of Sherpas led by Nirmal Purja have located missing Malaysian climber Wui Kin Chin, on foot at 7,500m on Annapurna.

The rescue team from Seven Summit Treks are now at 7,000m after helping the exhausted climber down. They aim to make Camp 3 (6,500m) today.

The 49-year-old Malaysian disappeared during his descent from the 8,091m summit on April 23.

A helicopter had located Kin Chin earlier this morning, and he was seen waving his arms. The rescue party were flown to Camp 3 (6,500m) and took around 90 minutes to reach Camp 4 (7,100m), facing strong winds as they climbed.

Wui Kin Chin spotted at 7,500m from a helicopter this morning. Photo: Nirmal Purja

Mingma Sherpa, the chairman of Seven Summit Treks, told ExWeb: “My Sherpa team met him one hour ago. They say he is almost okay, and they are bringing him down now. Hopefully tomorrow morning, we can pick them up from Camp 3 by helicopter longline. The Sherpa team needs to descend to 6,600m for the helicopter to pick them up.”

The rescue team of Nirmal Purja, Mingma Devid Sherpa, Geljen Sherpa and Ges man Tamang were dropped at Camp 3 by longline. Video: Mingma Sherpa

The helicopter pilot informing the rescue team on the flight plan to Camp 3. Team leader Nirmal Purja wears the black jacket with white patches. Video: Mingma Sherpa


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Craig Quigley
Craig Quigley
2 years ago

Great news

2 years ago

I mean I’m happy he’s alive but why does this guy get to live while David lama died? Couldn’t we just trade?