Nanga Parbat Climbers Summit, then Descend to Camp 4

Sergi Mingote's tracker shows that he reached the summit of Nanga Parbat at 14:04 Central European time.

Yesterday, Sergi Mingote and Stefi Troguet reported from Camp 4 that they would head toward the top at 1am local time, along with Moesses Fiamoncini, Vitaly Lazo, Anton Pugovkin, Cala Cimenti and Troguet’s guide, Ali Sadpara. Their tracking devices show that the climbers did reach the main summit of Nanga Parbat earlier today. Cala Cimenti then began his ski down; no further word on that. Meanwhile, Troguet’s InReach indicates that she has now descended to just over 7,100m, the altitude of Camp 4. Mingote is nearby.

Stefi Troguet, “probably the happiest girl from the top of Nanga Parbat,” she tweeted.

Check Troguet’s, Mingote’s and Cimenti’s devices to follow their descent.

Italian climber and skier Cala Cimenti. Selfie from his FaceBook page.

Rumors and unanswered questions reported yesterday that French climber Boris Langenstein  summited Nanga Parbat on July 1. Details are still to come, but if confirmed, he would have bagged the first 8000’er this season.

Rumours are also circulating that Nirmal Purba showed up in Base Camp surrounded by five Sherpas, presumably to join the group up Nanga Parbat. There is no confirmation or announcement by Nims himself or by his usual outfitter, Seven Summit Treks. We’ll update again later today, after the summiters return to camp.

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Thank you Angela B. for the great updates. It’s been mentioned earlier that this is Ms. Troguet’s first 8,000er. She has a great guide. Besides the principals you mention, do you know if any of the groups includes porters or climbing locals, or are those listed, what it is. Stefi is a young climber of “Instagram” age, and very savvy about branding as she goes. When she finishes this expedition, I reckon her emphasis on lipstick and data casting, though maintained, will take a back seat to her accomplishment and self awareness as a climber. Sure enough, no cream puff.
Not an Everest Climber
Not an Everest Climber

The only reason she’s climbing an 8000er is to expand her followers. She’s not really “altitude addicted” as she claims to be. You can see right through these people.


I don’t know, if you check out her instagram its full of photos of her climbing, rock climbing, free skiing and performing all kinds of high altitude extreme sports. She obviously has skills with an ice axe, crampons and knows how to fix rope and enough experience having already climbed Denali, Aconcagua, Ama Dablam and I dont know what else. If you ask me if someone can pretend to have the mountain spirit its her and not one of those vacation climbers the mountains got filled with.

Stefi troguet

Thank you so much ….. 🙏🏼🙏🏼❤ I appreciate that so so much !!! ❤

Stefi Troguet
Hello “Not an Everest Climber”, You know, I can’t really like everyone… of course! That’s life, and some people are gonna like me, some are gonna hate me! And before making affirmations like that, you should probably look a little bit about who are u talking about. I was born in mountains, my father was a ski instructor so I grew up with skis in my feet. I did skiing competitions, and later on, I became a ski instructor. I have all the existing skiing courses. I’m also a Telemark instructor, and a mid-mountain guide…. Been studiiing that for 3… Read more »
You obviously have no idea what are you talking about. If she’s new to you that doesn’t mean she came on the scene over the night, there’s a long and often painful road for someone to be there where she is, and that’s among world top climbers. And to say someone would fake it just for the sake of pumping numbers on their Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/Youtube/etc… is really beyond sanity, in my opinion. Wouldn’t be easier to just sit at home and do make up tutorial videos. Yes, she needs sponsors but that’s the part of this game, almost everyone needs them… Read more »
Stefi Troguet
Hi there!!!!! Thanks so so much for your comment!!!! Really appreciate it!!! In the exped, I started woth Ali Sadpara, who is THE MAN of Nanga Parbat… the one who know the best this mountain. He had a frostbite from Makalu, so he couldn’t keep going! Mingote and Moeses both had altitude porters/pakistani sherpas, but they felt really bad after going to C2, so they stoped their job. I have to say, that my team, the Nepalese sherpas, fixed almost ALL the ropes from B.Camp, and opened the paths every day. Except from C2 to C3, who was trailblazed by… Read more »

Stefi, didn’t Boris Langenstein summit before all of you? So HE ‘opened’ the route.