Dhaulagiri: Climbers Battle Snow to Reach Camp 2

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Carlos Soria in a snowstorm on Dhaulagiri. Photo: Yo Subo con Carlos Soria

Dhaulagiri is not surrendering its summit easily this season. The second push is unfolding under conditions as tough as last week. Carlos Soria reports constant snowfall since leaving Base Camp on Monday. Despite the tough going, he and his team reached Camp 1 yesterday and Camp 2 today.

The main problem is that the relentless snowfall has buried all traces of any trail and the ropes fixed previously, says Csaba Varga. “We’ll have to break trail again to Camp 3 tomorrow,” he said.

Casaba Varga near Camp 2 on Dhaulagiri. Photo: Kalifa Alpine

Further details are emerging about the previous push on Dhaulagiri.  Brazilian Moeses Fiamoncini confirmed he couldn’t reach the summit on his no-O2 attempt because he took a serious 20m fall on an ice-covered rock section at 8,120m. He broke his helmet, and snow-filled his boots and penetrated his clothes. He quickly became so cold that he lost feeling in his hands, so prudently retreated.  Juan Pablo Mohr, also climbing without O2, did manage to reach the top. In a moving video from the summit, he dedicated his triumph to his dad, who passed away recently.

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