Everest: New Sherpa Team Makes Surprise Entrance

Breathless Everest team members. Tashi Lakpa, second from the left. Photo: 7 Summit Treks

Nearly a month after reaching Base Camp and with the South Col route fixed up to 7,000 meters, Alex Txikon has received the surprising news that he and his team will not be alone.

Tomorrow, a helicopter or two will approach Base Camp with Seven Summit Treks CEO Tashi Lakpa Sherpa, together with Pasang Nurbu Sherpa, Mingtemba Sherpa and Halung Dorchi Sherpa. The last three will hurry up to the Khumbu Icefall, with a tight schedule to fulfill:

Feb 24: Kathmandu to Everest Base camp by helicopter.

Feb 25: BC to C2

Feb 26: C2 to C3

Feb 27: C3 to C4

Feb 28: C4 reserve day

Feb 29: Summit and back to C2

March 1: C2 to BC and chopper back to KTM.

The expedition will do its media blitz tomorrow in Kathmandu, just before flying to Base Camp, so there are not many details yet. But if successful, the team would achieve the fastest climb of Everest in winter, ever.

Alex Txikon says he’s happy to welcome new climbers to winter Everest. Photo: #RoadtoHimalayas

Asked about this surprise development, Alex Txikon said, “It’s really positive that they’re here to share the work. Eight is much better than four.” He hasn’t met Mingtemba, but Pasang, Tashi and Halung are good friends. In fact, Pasang Nurbu was with Txikon on the summit of Ama Dablam three weeks ago.

In a sign of changing Himalayan norms, Txikon will be the only non-Nepali climber on the upcoming push.

Meanwhile, meteorologist Karl Gabl continues to fine-tune his forecasts. The brief storm he predicted for February 26 may now come one day later, and he must closely monitor the jet stream as well. Currently, it is south of Everest, but not far.

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Angela Benavides

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Damien François

Very different from Nirmal’s feat.
Speed, speed, speed, but only to attract attention. Sickening.


Was it sickening to see the Swiss machine use speed speed speed the reason he needed to track so much attention because he needed funding he may not be a true classic mountaineer but his style is still mountaineering and an incredible accomplishment

Damien François

To ompare this with U. Steck is … sick.

Craig Quigley

4 men climbing a mountain in THEIR own country!

“Sickening” eh🤔


who cares, really


You’ve gotta admire Jost. He’s been there for nearly 2 months, climbs on a seldom used route, he’s solo……and he’s still pushing up! So, Alex is bringing in fresh climbers…… I don’t see them getting much further than the South Col…..just like the last time he attempted. The Winds are just too horrible up there. If they can reach the Balcony, that would be a triumph. As for Jost, lets see how far this tough kid can push.

Karakorum Expeditions

Good luck to the team, its indeed interesting at this time of the season!

vikram jeet singh parmar

Another record will be in name of Sherpa’s.
They are the supermen in mountains. Nirmal already shook the world this year.
More to come.


Seven Summits is a sketchy organization. They’re also the group that wants to fix ladders on K2 to avoid the bottleneck. Any time they’re mentioned in any capacity I just have to roll my eyes.