Updated: Success on K6 Ends Fall Season in Pakistan

Jeff and Priti Wright (centre) with their local BC team and Colin Haley on the right. Photo: Alpine Adventure Guides

This week, climbers squeezed in the season’s last moves on Pakistan peaks, with mixed results.

Jeff and Priti Wright summited K6 yesterday, despite deep snow and bitter cold for at least three days. They first climbed K6 West (7,040m), according to Montagna Magica,  then continued to the top of K6 central peak (7,100m). They decided not to try for the main summit (7,282m) because of the continuing deep snow and cold, so they descended to BC. Although they didn’t succeed in their ambitious goal of climbing the entire K6 ridge, they reached the highest summit in Pakistan this year.

Meanwhile, luck was not on the side of Kuwaiti Yousef Al Nassar, who launched a bold, solo attempt on Toshe Ri I and II, (6,424 and 6335m respectively), near Nanga Parbat’s Rupal side. Harsh wind and low temperatures forced him back. Lacking time for a second attempt before winter set in, he chose to call off his attempt.

Unless news arrives of further climbing done under the radar, Pakistan mountains will remain quiet until action returns in December, with Seven Summit Treks’ (still unconfirmed) attempt on winter K2.

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Priti’s name is misspelled. (not Pitty!)

Jerry Kobalenko

Corrected, thank you.

Zain Sayed

Heartiest Congratulations on scaling K6.
Just some very serious clarity.
K6 is not the highest peak in Pakistan. It is K2 also called Godwin Austin and then there are 18 more peaks before you get to K6.
When I scaled Mount Blackburn I did not claim to have scaled the highest peak in USA. It was only the Fifth highest.

Jerry Kobalenko

The story did not claim that K6 was the highest peak in Pakistan, only that it was the highest mountain in that country climbed this year.