Leaping Otter, Lounging Monkey: The Best of 2023 Comedy Wildlife Awards

Is anything quite as universally loved as funny animals?

The winners of the 2023 Comedy Wildlife Awards certainly make a case that we just can’t get enough of critters cutting it up in the wild. Is that turtle actually smiling? Does that monkey know how hilariously seductive he looks?

Maybe not, but it’s impossible not to see some of our own behavior in these wilderness antics. So sit back and enjoy some classic anthropomorphizing. Embrace the suspension of disbelief. Who knows? Perhaps that kangaroo truly dreams of one day shredding a mean guitar solo on stage with Guns N’ Roses.

Either way, wildlife photography is always a good time.

Foxy CEO

fox with cigar

“Fox With a Cigar, by Dakota Vaccaro, is another standout.


We can only hope to one day enjoy the success that this fox has earned through hard work, smart investing, and — because Wall Street isn’t for the scrupulous — frequent raids of the chicken coop.

Greed isn’t just good, folks! It’s foxy.

An otter’s audition

dancing otter

“Otter Ballerina,” by Otter Kwek.


Look out, Russian ballet! You’ve got a new candidate for lead dancer for next year’s performance of Black Swan.

Living the turtle life

happy turtle

The aptly named ‘Happy Turtle,’ by Tzahi Finkelstein


Maybe this turtle looks so stoked because he just found lunch? Hard to say. But we all want some of whatever this turtle is having.

‘Draw me like one of your French girls’

the rainforest dandy

“The Rainforest Dandy,” by Delphine Casimir.


Kate Winslet ain’t got nothing on this sexy ball of fur, am I right?

Check out the rest of this year’s finalists in the 2023 Comedy Wildlife Awards by visiting the organization’s website.

Andrew McLemore

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