5 Amazing Hikes in Asia to Put on Your Bucket List

Annapurna Circuit, Nepal

The Annapurna Circuit is about 230 km round the Himalayan sacred mountain range. It is a very classical trek that displays the attractive beauty of the landscapes of Nepal. When you are out for your outdoor adventures or picnic, once you arrive at Kathmandu get yourself the very affordable trekking gear and deep in your bustling atmosphere in Thamel. To start your trek, head 250 km to the west side catching the amazing and vast landscapes very beautifully curved and photogenic around this circuit that normally will take 14 days to go round. Across these landscapes, you will come across all types of weather changes from humid environs to snow-filled plains to wet terrains up to when you reach the peak of the beautiful mountain.

Before reaching the 5,400 m tall at Thorong La Pass, be prepared to encounter a series of tough steps made up the stair case hill to even make you never want to see any stair cases anymore. Here, the place is blessed by streams of prayer flags that hover around you so beautifully. Ensure to make plans to go up Poon Hill to admire and watch sunrise covering the white crisps mountainside of Dhaulagiri.

Once you are inside the Himalayas wilderness, you will be able to now understand why Nepal is referred to as the trekkers Paradise. By the time the hike comes to an end it will be feeling more like a roller-coaster but despite that you will still be yearning to do it all over again. In general, the best time of year to go trekking in Nepal is in autumn.

Tiger’s Nest Monastery, Bhutan

There is Takstang, Bhutans sacred monastery which is engraved in the Paro valley. It is also probably the most iconic one gripping up to 3100 m to the peak. It has a local name Tiger’s Nest which came from the Budhisist master Guru Padmasambhava who had flown in by riding tiger an driving away demonic spirits.

Even though the trek is only about 2 hours for you to arrive at the Budhist temple, the force of the 8km distance isn’t that light on the legs as you approach the 900m from where you start to the monastery. Taking a good view of the green lush shrubbery when you are at the peak of the terek and the building appears at a closer distance. When you are 750m up , you will reach a point where the monastery appears beautiful and catch a great view of the landscape.

As you climb up the last metres of the trek, at the cliff the rock is engraved with cone-shaped ceramics tsa-tsas put in with tiny prayer rolls also known as mantras. The tsa-tsa is embedded with a belief of healing an ill relative or pal which is from way back many hundred of years ago.

Mount Rinjani, Indonesia

In the midst of the lush greenery of the island of Lombok is the placed the Gunang Rinjani volcano which lastly erupted in 2010. Besides that, visitors are still amazed and still come to visit this volcano to see the amazing flora and fauna that grows on the south east where Asia meets Australsia.

For visitors who plan for a two-day trek, they can enjoy a beautiful one night sleep under the stars before proceeding through the volcano in the early morning to view the amazing and beautiful sunrise across the island and Bali sea. This view is definitely worth waking up to view because it is very breathtaking.

Once you have approached over 3,700 m proceed to the cool waters of Segara Anak lake or better still you can opt to visit the Sebau Hot Springs to relax on a hot bath.

Once you are there it’s very hard to go back without wanting to hike up to the top of this epic volcano.

Snowman Trek, Bhutan

Image Credit – SKY Travels

The Snowman Trek is considered the most difficult trek in the world taking up to a month and it requires very high levels of energy. The trek cuts across 11 mountains 5 of which are of more than 5,000 m of altitude and a distance of 356 km. This is definitely a hike that is worth taking up and will be something to brag about for any trekker for the amount of stamina it requires and its absolutely one of the most epic.

The route takes you across the Lunana, Jomolhari and Laya treks which combine together to make the Snowman Trek. The treks will start at Paro and follow through the Himalyas in between Bhutan and Tibet. Inside the mountain scenery of Jirgme Dorji National Park there is a sign that advises visitors ‘Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but memories”.

Most amazingly is that the trek isn’t some boring and tiring leg foot distance don the snow-tracks. Each step of the journey brings new views and beautiful scenery to keep you locked. This trek is a sure thing for lasting memories for you to take back home from the glittering turquoise lakes to the base of the snow-capped mountains and the naturally curved mountains.

Mount Fansipan,Vietnam

Image Credit – Champa Travel

You need a break from the busy and noisy streets of Hanoi and the congestion of people in Halong Bay, then a trek to the top of the tallest mountain in Vietnam is exactly what you need. It is a two-day trek across the North West side of the country and takes you to the 3,100 M. peak giving you a great view up of 320 degrees scenery of Vietnam’s northern landscape.The journey start at a place near Sapa where you can catch a peaceful warm night sleep before embarking on the trek in the morning to start at Tram Ton Pass.

The first few miles of the trek are a warm up starter for the journey offering an easy start and crossing through flat forest shrubs. This should not convince you that the trek is easy all through, after a few miles the route gets all rocky and bumpy as you approach the hills to climb up.The trek requires a lot of energy and stamina if you are easily weakened it is not for you. It is a worthwhile hike to take up on as you create long lasting memories from here.