Adam Ondra, Jerry Moffatt, Ben Moon and Magnus Midtbo Hit the Grit!

Bust out your soul patch, Euro pop casette tapes, and climbing slippers. Ondra’s latest legend-stacked vid will tickle your retro bouldering nostalgia.

This article was originally published on GearJunkie.

With Adam Ondra’s latest addition to the YouTube climbing canon, his fans finally get to see what they’ve always wanted: Ondra eating his breakfast.

Okay, so there’s a lot more to this cinematic edit than just scrambled eggs and buttered toast. It’s a meetup of modern crushers Ondra and Magnus Midtbo with climbing icons Ben Moon and Jerry Moffatt. For the uninitiated, that’s like a concert bringing together Beyonce and Lady Gaga with Whitney Houston and Aretha Franklin: It’s gonna be a party, y’all.

It’s not exactly the same flavor of party Moon, Moffatt, and the boys plunged into in 1996’s THE REAL THING — especially after the chalk dust finally cleared, 50+ minutes in. But Back to the Real thing is a fitting homage.

In this case, the party happens at Sheffield, U.K., a legendary crag where Moon and Moffatt show they can still keep up with young lions like Ondra. It’s also an edit that Ondra said he and his team are “really” proud of.

What else do you need to know?

Andrew McLemore

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