Possible 10a Sport Climb: Adam Ondra and Jakob Schubert Try ‘Project Big’

A few days ago, Adam Ondra suggested ‘Project Big’ could be harder than ‘Silence’, the world’s hardest climb. 10a/5.16? Maybe.

This article was originally published on GearJunkie.

A few minutes into this clip, 9b+ climber Jakob Schubert says he is not sure a more substantial challenge than “Project Big” exists.

So the writing’s on the wall as Schubert and Ondra launch into their objective: climb the conclusory open project in the Flatanger Cave in Norway.

I don’t mean “Project Big” is the last line there that anyone can climb. I mean that one of the only people trying it, who happens to be among the two or three best climbers in the world, isn’t convinced anything harder exists anywhere.

Watch the two rock jocks try to slay a dragon in this one.

Learn the difficulties the best climbers alive will try to resolve on the route that could be harder than “Silence”. Will “Project Big” break the plane of the tenth grade?

My money’s on Schubert and Ondra to find out.

Sam Anderson

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