Adventure Links of the Week

When we’re not outdoors, we get our adventure fix by exploring social media and the web. Here are some of the best adventure links we’ve discovered this week.

How An Amateur Diver Became a True Crime Sensation: Brandy Hathcock’s mother disappeared before her brother’s sixth birthday party. Years later, she contacted a group of divers who try to solve cold cases.

Adventures with Purpose searches lakes and rivers for missing people. The founder started as a treasure hunter, but after finding two guns on a dive and going viral on YouTube, he decided to sleuth full-time.

Animal Obsession Turned into a Binge-Worthy Podcast: Tooth and Claw is one of the most popular wildlife podcasts out there. Created by three animal-obsessed bros, they discuss dangerous human-wildlife interactions. Each episode dives into one such conflict. They chat about what happened, how painful the ordeal was, and offer survival tips.

The Father of Modern Backpacking: Colin Fletcher landed in Normandy on D-Day. Having survived the barrage of bullets and shells, he struggled to find fulfillment after the war. Eventually, he settled on long-distance walking.

Fletcher became the father of modern backpacking. He walked the length of California 33 years before the PCT existed and walked the length of the Grand Canyon National Park solo.

Colin Fletcher looks out over a lake whilst hiking.

Colin Fletcher. Photo: Adventure Journal


The Trans Dinarica Trail

Two Thousand Kilometers Through Eight Balkan Countries: In 2024, a new cycling route will open in the Balkans. The 2,000km Trans Dinarica Trail will span eight countries and cross mountains, forests, and national parks.

Pete Whittaker on Crown Royale: Pete Whittaker answers questions on his first ascent of Crown Royale, a new trad route on Profile Wall, Norway. Describing it as one of the hardest bits of trad climbing he has ever done, Whittaker details the climb.

Mont Blanc Shrinks By More Than Two Meters: Mont Blanc has shrunk 2.2m since 2021. It now stands at 4,805.59m. In the last two years, the mountain has also lost 3,500 cubic meters of ice.

Glaciologists stress that this is not representative of global climate change and that they are hopeful the mountain increase in height again.

A view of Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc. Photo: Shutterstock


Better weather mapping for ocean expeditions

Weather for the Open Ocean: Olympic sailor Jon Bilger has created a weather forecasting platform for sailors. With a team of meteorologists, he initially designed it for those entering elite races and undertaking major expeditions. The system brings together six leading weather models, allowing real-time updates and forecasting for sailors.

Yosemite Climber Dies on El Cap: On September 28, a climber died on El Cap. The Korean climbing guide was descending The Nose when he fell. He was with a group of students and was descending to fix lines to the deck when he rappelled off the end of his rope.

Rebecca McPhee

Rebecca McPhee is a freelance writer for ExplorersWeb.

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