Adventure Links of the Week

When we’re not outdoors, we get our adventure fix by exploring social media and the web. Here are some of the best adventure links we’ve discovered this week.

Frontline Firefighter: After university, Kiah Vail moved back to Canada’s Northwest Territories. She wanted an outdoor job, something physical. Before she knew it, she was a firefighter.

At the start of 2023, she was leading a crew of indigenous women. By August, she was responsible for maintaining the fireline that stretched 30km from Great Slave Lake to the town of Hay River.

Four Hut-to-Hut Hikes: In Europe, hut-to-hut skiing is relatively easy to plan. In the U.S., linked shelters are rare, but a few do exist. Here are four of the best. All are in different states, of different lengths, and through different landscapes.

Maybe We Should Walk: Craig Mod speaks about this love of walking in this Slate podcast. He believes that walking is the best way to fully experience new places and cultures. Tackling a multi-day trek can be daunting, both physically and logistically — especially in Japan, where he lives. But for him, walking is the best way to break the ice between people — those you walk with, and those you meet along the way.

Six years, 24,000km

500 Days in the Wild: Over six years, Diane Wheelan became the first person to complete the 24,000km Trans Canada Trail. She hiked, cycled, and canoed her way across the route, often by herself, but sometimes joined by friends and family. Now she has made a film about her journey.

Dianne Whelan spent six years on the Trans Canada Trail

Dianne Whelan spent six years on the Trans Canada Trail. Photo: Brandon Foreman


The Best 5.8 Multipitch I’ve Ever Done: Duane Raleigh writes about this four-pitch line in North Carolina. He and a partner had heard about how challenging the climb was and decided to attempt it. It did not start well. The first challenge was finding the trail that led to the climb. It took them three tries.

The second challenge was identifying the correct line. “The rock, the eyebrow features, and the angles all look about the same,” he commented. “Finding the correct line on that wall…well, you’d have better luck tracking a cloud in the sky.”

The Fate of Many of Gaza’s Surfers Remains Unknown: In 2008, Matthew Olsen set up the Gaza Surf Club. Since the war began, he has been checking in daily on the 30-strong surfing community, hoping to hear that they are alive and safe. The ones who have responded are now sheltering in southern Gaza.

At the same time, he has connections to the Israeli surf community. He lived there when he was younger and also checks in on them. He has heard the horror stories from both sides of the conflict.

Improvements coming to the holy, filthy Ganges

Mission to Clean the Ganges River: The sacred Ganges River features in prayer and ceremonies. It is also where people say their final goodbye to their loved ones as they send funeral pyres over the water. Despite its importance, it is one of the most polluted stretches of water in the world. Now, India’s government has launched a campaign to clean up the river.

Alexander Huber making a free solo ascent of Aguglia di Goloritzé in Sardinia

Alexander Huber free solos Aguglia di Goloritzè in Sardinia. Photo: Timeline Production


Alexander Huber Free Solos Aguglia di Goloritzè: Last month, Alexander Huber free soloed Aguglia di Goloritzè in Sardinia. The 143m limestone needle is known as the most beautiful rock climb on the Italian island. Huber climbed the route opened by Enzo Lewis in 2003. It may not be the hardest free solo he has ever completed, but it is certainly one of the most spectacular. Though others have made solo ascents of the wall, they have all used ropes.

Rebecca McPhee

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