Adventure Links of the Week

When we’re not outdoors, we get our adventure fix by exploring social media and the web. Here are some of the best adventure links we’ve discovered this week.

Ski Bum Culture Meets Reality: Heather Hansman moved to the mountains nearly twenty 20 ago. Her goal: be a ski bum. Pulled in by the lifestyle, she was happy living in her car.

For a while, she thought she could live like that forever. But eventually, her dreams changed. Recently, she went back to “assess the current state of ski bums.”

She found that workers in resorts are barely able to afford rent, working just one full-time job is impossible, and depression and anxiety are sky-high.

Climber Rescued From Scottish Mountain Range: At the end of December, the weather separated a climber from a group in the Cairngorms, in the Scottish Highlands. Lost in the snowstorm, the unidentified climber was so cold and exhausted that they could not walk. The Cairngorm Mountain Rescue Team eventually found them in a boulder field.

Surfing in Morocco.

Surfing in Morocco. Photo: Tim Bonython


World’s biggest waves

Does Morocco Boast the Biggest Rideable Wave on Earth? A group of big-wave surfers are convinced that Morocco is the future of extreme surfing. The group has spotted (and surfed) 10 to 15m waves off the port city of Safi.

In 2014, the Hercules swell brought 30m faces. A month ago, a swell appeared to rival that of Hercules. Led by Moroccan Jerome Sahyoun, the surfers and a safety team are ready to attempt the world’s biggest waves.

Yosemite Valley Gets its First V16: Carlo Traversi has made the first ascent of a V16 climb in Yosemite. The Dark Side has been a labor of love for Traversi for the past seven years. He worked on the climb for over 50 sessions.

The GR20.

The GR20. Photo: Shutterstock


I Took On Europe’s Toughest Trek: The GR20 stretches across Corsica from Calenzana to Conca and is perhaps Europe’s toughest trek.

On paper, it sounds simple. Walk approximately 15km a day and you will get from the north to the south of the island in less than two weeks. But the route is challenging, with difficult scrambles, 12,000 meters of ascent, ravines, and harsh terrain.

Planning your first expedition

How to Plan Your First Climbing Expedition: Many dream of heading out on a climbing expedition but have no idea where to start. Eve MacCallum thought climbing trips were for seasoned climbers with big sponsors.

Last year, MacCallum proved herself wrong. She has written a handy guide for anyone else wanting to plan their first expedition. She touches on choosing a location, writing funding proposals, and assembling a team.

Eve MacCallum and her friend at the summit of 'the Sphinx

Eve MacCallum and her friend at the summit of ‘The Sphinx.’ Photo: Harry Newmark


How Adventure Photographers Capture the Perfect Shot: To be an adventure photographer, you often have to be part of the adventure. It is hard to capture the perfect moment from the sidelines. Four photographers share what they did to get the perfect shot in four different adventure sports.

Interview with Simon Lorenzi: On Dec. 27, Simon Lorenzi made the third ascent of Burden of Dreams. He is the first person to climb three V17 boulders.

Lorenzi speaks about his experience, his step-by-step mentality, and his tendency to obsess.

Rebecca McPhee

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