Back From the Dead: Anurag Maloo’s Message From Hospital

Indian climber Anurag Maloo spent three days in a deep crevasse on Annapurna before he was rescued by Adam Bielecki, Mariusz Hatala, Tashi Sherpa, and others. Recovering in hospital, Maloo released an encouraging voice message on his social media.

It’s incredible that Maloo survived his ordeal and great news that he is recovering, step by step.


Maloo’s voice message says:

“Thank you so much everyone for your overwhelming support. I couldn’t have come this far without your well-wishes and keeping me in your thoughts. I’m very, very grateful that you are here, and thank you for just being out there, sending good vibes. Lots of love, sending this to you from ICU in Delhi on my 35th birthday.”

Polish climber Adam Bielecki shared the message too, posting that it “made my day.”

Aashish Maloo from Maloo’s hometeam thanked everyone again for the incredible rescue. “We are deeply indebted to Adam Bielecki, Mariusz Hatala, and Tashi Sherpa for going inside the crevasse to rescue Anurag Maloo and to Dr. Ashim and the team at Manipal Hospital for giving four hours of CPR because of which he revived miraculously,” Aashish Maloo wrote.

Photos from Anurag Maloo's accident and rescue.

Photos from Anurag Maloo’s accident and rescue. Photo: Aashish Maloo

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