‘Only in Alaska’: Bush Plane Takes Off from Convenience Store

Takeaways from the comments section of this X (formerly Twitter) post, in which a bush plane takes off from an Alaska gas station:

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According to the Alaska Department of Transportation, @K9DefenseTech is on the money, or close to it. There was one registered aircraft in the state for every 83 Alaskans in 2019.

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The common-sense denominator of this one may seem obvious if you put yourself in a car facing a plane head-on.

But do they?

Aviationhumor.com weighs in affirmatively. Then quips, “if you see one coming give them all the room you can so you and the pilot will both live long enough to tell a interesting story.”


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By all available appearances, this is a Piper PA-18 Super Cub. Production ran for several decades after a 1949 rollout, and the “low, slow, and inexpensive” rig firmly earned its backcountry wings.

Not hard to tell why.

And you follow the bright orange N168D closely enough, it takes on some added celebrity.

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