Alastair Humphreys on Tools of Titans

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Tools of Titans, is the distilled wisdom of 200 podcasts. Humphreys took notes of all 674 pages. Hints:

– “There is more freedom to be gained from practicing poverty than chasing wealth. “

– “Is that a dream or a goal?”

– Get out of bed and straight away do 10 reps of an exercise

– Your inbox is a to-do list to which anyone in the world can add an action item.

– Being busy is most often used as a guise for avoiding the few critically important but uncomfortable actions.

– Once you reach a decent level of professional success, lack of opportunity won’t kill you. It’s drowning in “kinda cool” commitments that will sink the ship.

– “Make your peace with the fact that saying ‘no’ often requires trading popularity for respect.” – Greg McKeown

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