Alex Honnold Links Six Granite Spires in Washington in One Day

Say what you will about Alex Honnold — the free soloist rarely disappoints.

In his latest climbing marathon, Honnold joined with Scott Bennett to link together six granite spires in Washington’s Cascade Mountains. The pair successfully connected a half-dozen classic Cascade ascents — and it took them just 15 hours to pull it off.

In short order, Honnold and Bennett ticked off a bucket list of Cascade climbs. They include Tooth and Claw (5.12-) on Lexington, the East Face (5.10) of the Minuteman, Freedom or Death segueing into the Liberty Cracks (5.12) on Liberty Bell, the North Face on Concord, the West Face (5.10) on North Early Winter Spire, and finally The Passenger (5.11+) on South Early Winter Spire.


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It’s just the latest endurance climbing feat accomplished by Honnold, who continues to complete daring climbs, often without a rope. His incredible solo traverse across Nevada’s Red Rocks resulted in an exceptional documentary for Reel Rock earlier this year.

And he’s already got his next goal lined up.

Honnold plans to undertake a 3,200km cycling trip with equally renowned climber and long-time accomplice Tommy Caldwell.

In a recent Sheffield DocFest session in the UK, Honnold announced their plan to cycle from Caldwell’s Colorado residence to Alaska. The journey includes tackling challenging climbs along the way, culminating with a difficult ascent in Alaska.

It will, of course, result in another big-budget documentary, produced by National Geographic and streamed on Disney+.

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