Alex Honnold’s Unknown Free Solos

OMG, you guys — secrets! Alex Honnold’s secrets!

I don’t think I need to write anything except that. But in the spirit of entertaining myself, this quick Nugget Climbing Podcast video opens on a haymaker:

“Tell me about the top two or three most epic solos you’ve done that nobody knows about,” is the prompt.

Enjoy it from there. Fanboy energy runs a little strong at times, but there’s a trade-off: We also get to hear about a Honnold bail.

Not all free solos are created equal and no, it doesn’t go exactly according to plan every time.

Amazing to be alive at the same time as Honnold, ain’t it? We’d do well to soak it up while we can. If I was a betting man, my money would be on never seeing another one like him.

Sam Anderson

Sam Anderson takes any writing assignments he can talk his way into while intermittently traveling the American West and Mexico in search of margaritas — er, adventure. He parlayed a decade of roving trade work into a life of fair-weather rock climbing and truck dwelling before (to his parents’ evident relief) finding a way to put his BA in English to use. Sam loves animals, sleeping outdoors, campfire refreshments and a good story.