Alex Txikon Acts as Midwife in Emergency Helicopter Birth

Just when the adventure seemed over, some unexpected drama befell Alex Txikon and his winter Manaslu team. Oswald Perreira and Simone Moro had returned to Kathmandu, but Txikon and his group remained in Base Camp yesterday to pack. They then boarded a helicopter to Kathmandu.

On a refueling stop in Samagaon, they were asked to take a pregnant woman to hospital. She was in labor, but the baby was having problems.

The situation was critical, and the mother almost died in the helicopter while she tried to give birth. Alex Txikon assisted the woman as well as he could. He tried to put the baby in position, and eventually, managed to help bring the woman’s baby boy to life.

The entire team ran to the hospital to check on the mother and the child. After a few hours of medical care, they were both recovering well and resting.