Alice Morrison Begins 675km Jordan Trail Trek

Alice Morrison and guide Munther Al Titi set off from Um Qais. Photo: Alice Morrison

Early on December 3, Scottish adventurer Alice Morrison and her guide Munther Al Titi set off from the Jordanian town of Um Qais to trek the 675km Jordan Trail. Her route goes from north to south, starting from Um Qais and ending at the Red Sea.

Alice Morrison. Photo: Alice Morrison/Instagram

Morrison is no stranger to deserts. The self-styled Indiana Jones for Girls has trekked the Sahara, the Atlas Mountains, and the length of the Draa River. But the idea of hiking the Jordan Trail was a happy accident. While googling in search of her next big expedition, she stumbled upon the official Jordan Trail website. She had never been to Jordan and saw this trip as an opportunity to “finish this COVID-ridden difficult year with something positive and exciting.”

After some logistical issues with flight bookings because of the pandemic, she managed to nab a flight to Jordan.

The trail runs from Um Qais to Ajloun, As-Salt, Wadi Zarqa Ma’in, Al-Karak, Dana, Petra, Rum, then finally the Red Sea. It will take approximately 35 days.

Unlike her previous expeditions, she will not use camels. The terrain is too rugged for them. She will carry a 15kg backpack and presumably she will resupply at some of the 75 villages along the way. The plan is to ring in the New Year on the last leg to the Red Sea.

She will give updates on her podcast, Alice in Wanderland.

Petra, Jordan. Photo: Alexey Stiop/Shutterstock


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Subhashis Bhattacharjee
Subhashis Bhattacharjee
1 month ago

Excellent story.

Louis-Philippe Loncke
1 month ago

Wondering why this is considered newsworthy for Exweb? It’s just a person doing a trail many do every year. She has even a guide.In 2020 a woman did an FKT of it in 8+ days.
The only interesting expedition/challenge to be done is unsupported using water in natural sources.