Pakistan: Pou Brothers on Great Trango, Urubko to Gasherbrum

A short roundup of alpine action in Pakistan, including news from the Hindu Kush, where David Klein and Bence Kerekes are about to arrive at the base of Istor-O-Nal.

Action on Great Trango Tower

The long-awaited weather window has finally arrived for Eneko Pou, Iker Pou, Fay Manners, and Andres Marin. The foursome can now start up Pakistan’s Great Trango Tower (6,286m).

The Pou brothers’ home team told Explorersweb that the climbers left base camp yesterday at dawn. They will be climbing for the next four to five days.

The climbers prepare their gear for Great Trango Tower. Photo: Austin Schmitz



David Klein and Bence Kerekes are approaching the third-highest peak in the Hindu Kush, 7,403m Istor-O-Nal. They’ve shared some photos and stories from their journey to the mountain.

Last week, they started the journey with their cook, a cook’s assistant, and a “local cook’s assistant” (whose job is unclear). Together with armed police and a liaison officer, the team initially drove to Shagrom village (2,900m) by jeep. There they met with Mohammed Faraz Din, who was the cook for Klein’s expedition to Tirich Mir 25 years ago. The climbers spent the evening eating with Faraz Din at his home, remembering old times.

On the approach to Istor-O-Nal.

On the approach to Istor-O-Nal. Photo: David Klein


Once the porters arrived, the team started their trek, though Kerekes has a stomach ailment. They are already in the Hindu Kush and are currently resting on a plateau above the lateral moraine of a glacier, called Shughur Base Camp (or Shoahor Baisum) at 4,000m.

“The countryside is very wild and deserted,” Klein reported. Tomorrow, they should reach Istor-O-Nal’s base camp.

Luke Smithwick and team aiming for the first ascent of Kharut II in Pakistan.

Luke Smithwick’s team is aiming for the first ascent of Kharut II in Pakistan. Photo: Luke Smithwick


Kharut II

Luke Smithwick and his team are aiming to make the first ascent of 6,824m Kharut II in Pakistan. They established their base camp beneath K2 some days ago and have been hauling rope, tents, fuel, and food to the base of their route.

Gasherbrum I

Pipi Cardell and Denis Urubko are about to leave Milan for Pakistan. The pair aims to open a new route on Gasherbrum I (8,080m).

Denis Urubko and Pipi Cardell starting their trip to Pakistan.

Denis Urubko and Pipi Cardell at the start of their trip to Pakistan. Photo: Denis Urubko

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