Annapurna Climbers Back In Base Camp

All members of the winter Annapurna team returned to Base Camp on Jan. 1 after depositing their loads at Camp 3.

The couloir and crevassed areas of Annapurna, looking pretty icy.

Annapurna’s normal route yesterday. Photo: @navamuel.andres


Comments by Alex Txikon on social media, plus reports of good weather, had raised hopes that the climbers might go for the summit.

“If the weather, the mountain, and our physical condition allow it, we will try to reach the summit in the next few days,” Txikon had written before setting off from Base Camp four days ago.

The entire climbing team went up heavily loaded. They reported cold but stable weather as they reached Camp 1 and Camp 2. However, the climbers decided to turn around at Camp 3 yesterday.

“We were too loaded, and with strong winds at high altitude, we went down,” Txikon wrote.

a climbers as seen from th air, on a slope of snow on top of a rocky spur.

A climber heads up Annapurna yesterday. Photo: @navamuel.andres


In the end, the climbers reached the same altitude that they did on the first rotation at Christmas: Camp 3 at 6,400m.

At least, Camp 3 is now completely supplied. Next time, the team will climb further and decide whether to set up a fourth camp or try to reach the summit.

a tent on a steep snow slope by a partially covered crevasse.

A crevasse yawns nearby at Camp 2 on Annapurna. Photo: @navamuel.andres

Angela Benavides

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