Annapurna Summits Continue

A second group of climbers summited Annapurna today. All used supplementary oxygen and had at least one Sherpa supporting each of them.

The teams on the mountain have been well distributed, and excessive crowding at difficult passages has not occurred. Summits are expected to continue tomorrow.

There are no details about the weather or snow conditions, but the lead image from Base Camp shows clear skies. Forecasts showed high winds today, lessening tomorrow.

Tents precariously pitched in very steep snow terrain.

A high camp on Annapurna. Photo: Seven Summit Treks


Annapurna climbers Vibeke Andrea Sefland and Jonathan Lamy have made their tracks public for those following their progress. Sefland was on the way to the summit today, and Lamy’s track shows his progress to a subsidiary summit at 7,930m and back.

Sajid Sadpara, the only confirmed no-O2 summiter so far, returned to Camp 4 yesterday. He is expected to reach Base Camp today. Nepal media suggests that Nirmal Purja may also have summited without oxygen, guiding regular client Asma Al Thani, the Princess of Qatar, on one more peak. We are awaiting confirmation.

The Imagine Nepal team has reported 100% success after Jill Wheatley of Canada and Pemba Chhiri Sherpa reached the top at 3:35 pm yesterday.

Angela Benavides

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