Aussie Surfers Presumed Killed in Mexico

Three suspects have been detained
CULIACAN, Mexico – Three suspects have been detained in connection with the presumed killing of two Australian tourists who went missing last month, prosecutors in Mexico’s Sinaloa state said Friday.

State prosecutor Marco Antonio Higuera said the three men were robbing motorists on a stretch of highway leading south through Navolato, Sinaloa. He said two other suspected members of the robbery gang remained at large.

The gang is alleged to have killed Adam Coleman and Dean Lucas after Coleman resisted the robbery just after midnight Nov. 21. The thieves allegedly shot the two Australians to death, then doused their van with gasoline and set it afire.

Coleman and Lucas were travelling to Guadalajara from Edmonton and failed to arrive as planned on Nov. 21. The two surfers got off a ferry from the Baja California peninsula at Topolobampo, Sinaloa, at about 10:30 p.m. on Nov. 20. The burned-out van was found the next day.