Angela Benavides

Angela Benavides

Title: High-Altitude Mountaineering and Climbing journalist
Location: Madrid, Spain
Social Media:
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  • Topics of Expertise: High-altitude mountaineering, climbing, alpinism, ski, ski-mountaineering, profiles and interviews
  • Years in This Expertise: 20+

Education & Certifications

  • Education: Bachelor degree in Journalism, Universidad Complutense de Madrid; Master’s degree in Spanish as a Foreign Language, by University of Alcala de Henares
  • Years of Writing: 25+
  • Certifications: Cambridge University’s Certificate of Proficiency in English, several academic certifications in the field of Education and Communication
  • Club or Association Memberships: Club Alpino Madrileño; Spanish Mountaineering Federation, researcher at UNED for European Commission’s ECO Project
  • Books: Cumbre! Los 14 ochomiles de Edurne Pasaban (Summit! Edurne pasaban’s 14 8000’ers)
  • Awards: Several trophies in ski-mountaineering’s local competitions: Madrid, Asturias, Catalonia, etc.
  • Previous Publications: ExplorersWeb between 2004 and 2013 and 2018 and the present moment; AlpineMag,, CampoBase magazine, Diario Marca, Radio Marca, diario El Mundo del S. XXI,agencia EFE, etc.

A Word from Angela Benavides

  • Why Author Chose This Career: This career chose me
  • How Author Began Career: I was a journalist dreaming of becoming an international correspondent and a passionate but inexperienced mountaineer, when I was hired by a national sport newspaper where everybody were soccer experts, but no one had any experience in reporting about outdoors or mountain sports. Then, one job led to another in the same field. I tried to scape but eventually always returned to the paper/radio/virtual mountains.
  • Personal Interests: Amazingly, I still love the mountains. Reading, geopolitics, long chats with friends over dinner and at hiking, skiing or cycling, travelling – in the rare periods in which I have time enough to leave my computer for a while.
A midrange photo of the Indian peak that avalanched

Avalanche Hits Nearly 30 in India’s Garhwal

At least 10 people are feared dead in an...
DC Sherpa smiles , his face weather by exposure to altitude, a snowy camp in background.

Manaslu, Dhaulagiri, Everest: It’s Over Everywhere

A full retreat took place after more avalanches swept...
Andzej Bargiel progresses on a snow covered Lhotse face: a tiny figure on a pristine, huge mountain face under bluebird sky. .

High Winds Stall Everest Summit Push

The wind has halted Andzej Bargiel's attempt to climb...
A sherpa climber with O2 mask, headlamp and red hood, in high wind conditions, his O2 system covered in ice.

Manaslu: Many Leave, But Crowds Still Jam the Route

Still hoping to avoid crowds, climbers continue in marginal...
seracs covered in snow on a misty day, climbers proceed along a clearly carved path on the snow, among the seracs and crevasses.

Manaslu: One Mountain, Two Realities

Depending on who you ask, the conditions on Manaslu...
close shot of Hilaree Nelson with sun glasses and a cap, a snowy slope in background.

Hilaree Nelson’s Body Found on Manaslu; Morrison Explains Accident

American skier Hilaree Nelson's body has been found and...
Bargiel speaks to the camera, in warm jacket, helmet and headlamp, when is still dark.,

Everest: Andrzej Bargiel Starts Summit Push

Andrzej Bargiel and his team left Base Camp at...
Climbers go up fixed ropes on Manaslu, seen from below

Boldness or Foolhardiness? For Many, the Summit Push on Manaslu Continues

Would you try to reach a snowy, 8,163m summit...
Injured climber, face digitally obscured, in an open helicopter

Manaslu: Stricken Climbers Now Safely Off the Mountain

All the climbers injured in yesterday's avalanche below Camp...
A black-and-white portrait of climber Hilaree Nelson.

Helicopter Searches Manaslu for Missing Hilaree Nelson

Despite the chaos and difficult conditions after yesterday's avalanche,...
Helicopter against the grey mountain in bad weather

Manaslu: Summits, Deaths, Chaos

The news from Manaslu right now is contradictory and...
A falling serac triggers an avalanche on Manaslu

Manaslu: Avalanche Below Camp 4, Many Injured

This morning, a major avalanche ripped through Manaslu's upper...
a maze of vertical rock, ice and snow, with an obvious mixed spur rising up.

Japanese Summit Karun Koh; Plus: Alpine Style on Manaslu’s West Face

Far from the crowds of guided climbers, some teams...
Close shot of Bargiel with Red Bull helmet and black jacket

Everest: Bargiel Ready to Go For the Summit

Andrzej Bargiel reached nearly 8,000m on his latest acclimatization...
the forue people stand smiling in front of the camera, in a foggy day, with khata scarves around their necks.

Manaslu: Harila and Team Safely Down

Kristine Harila, Pasadawa Sherpa and Dawa Ongchu made it...
tents in tidy lines on fresh snow.

Manaslu: A Risky Push, a Rescue, and Big Questions Ahead

Today's summiters have safely reached Camp 3. They will...
burning building in the dark

Three Dead in Fire at Nirmal Purja’s Elite Exped Office in Kathmandu

A  major fire last night destroyed a building in...
Sanu Sherpa looks out of an orange tent.

Manaslu Summits: Climbers Descending in Hazardous Conditions

Finally, there is summit news from Manaslu. Kristin Harila,...
A tracker showing the route on a map of Manaslu.

Manaslu Live: A High Risk Summit Push

Dawn has arrived on Manaslu, bringing a bluebird sky....
Climbers stand in line, all clipped to the fixed rope, in a whiteout.

Manaslu Summit Push: Most Turn Back, a Handful Continue

Seizing a short period of slightly better weather, many...
Portrait of Helias Millerioux smiling, against snow background.

Manaslu Alpine Style: French Trio to Attempt Rare West Side

Instead of joining the crowds on the normal northeast...
line of climbers trudge in a lin through deep snow, during a snowfall

Manaslu Crowds Move Higher Through Heavy Snow

A summit push is imminent on Manaslu's normal route...

Nirmal Purja Injured in Paragliding Accident at Manaslu Base Camp

Elite Exped leader Nirmal Purja has suffered minor back...
Close shot of Adam Bielecki with yellow helmet and ski goggles lowered down his chin.

Adam Bielecki, National Polish Team Target New Routes in Garhwal Himalaya

Polish members of the country's National Himalayan Team are...

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