Angela Benavides

Angela Benavides

Title: High-Altitude Mountaineering and Climbing journalist
Location: Madrid, Spain
Social Media:
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  • Topics of Expertise: High-altitude mountaineering, climbing, alpinism, ski, ski-mountaineering, profiles and interviews
  • Years in This Expertise: 20+

Education & Certifications

  • Education: Bachelor degree in Journalism, Universidad Complutense de Madrid; Master\’s degree in Spanish as a Foreign Language, by University of Alcala de Henares
  • Years of Writing: 25+
  • Certifications: Cambridge University\’s Certificate of Proficiency in English, several academic certifications in the field of Education and Communication
  • Club or Association Memberships: Club Alpino Madrileño; Spanish Mountaineering Federation, researcher at UNED for European Commission\’s ECO Project
  • Books: Cumbre! Los 14 ochomiles de Edurne Pasaban (Summit! Edurne pasaban\’s 14 8000\’ers)
  • Awards: Several trophies in ski-mountaineering\’s local competitions: Madrid, Asturias, Catalonia, etc.
  • Previous Publications: ExplorersWeb between 2004 and 2013 and 2018 and the present moment; AlpineMag,, CampoBase magazine, Diario Marca, Radio Marca, diario El Mundo del S. XXI,agencia EFE, etc.

A Word from Angela Benavides

  • Why Author Chose This Career: This career chose me
  • How Author Began Career: I was a journalist dreaming of becoming an international correspondent and a passionate but inexperienced mountaineer, when I was hired by a national sport newspaper where everybody were soccer experts, but no one had any experience in reporting about outdoors or mountain sports. Then, one job led to another in the same field. I tried to scape but eventually always returned to the paper/radio/virtual mountains.
  • Personal Interests: Amazingly, I still love the mountains. Reading, geopolitics, long chats with friends over dinner and at hiking, skiing or cycling, travelling – in the rare periods in which I have time enough to leave my computer for a while.
Typical cherry-blossom framed image of mount Fuji in spring.

Restrictions Ahead on Overcrowded Mount Fuji

Hiking up Mount Fuji is more of a traveling...
Mount Kailash at dawn, showing its south face

Mountain Flights to Kailash Are Not Quite What They Seem

Tibet's impressive Mount Kailash is a sacred place and...
Vedrines and Billon on the summit of Grandes Josarres after climbing No Siesta in 12 hours.

Vedrines and Billon’s Dru-Droites-Jorasses Trilogy

They had already set a very high bar for...
Denis Urubko

Winter Gasherbrum I: Urubko Arrives at Skardu Hospital

Denis Urubko is finally at the Combined Military Hospital...
Denis Urubko

Winter Gasherbrum I: Urubko on the Road to Hospital

Denis Urubko is finally on the road to Skardu...
Denis Urubko in a tent.

Winter Gasherbrum I: Urubko Speeds Towards Jhola

Denis Urubko is on his way to Skardu for...
File photo of Denis Urubko.

Urubko Frostbitten after Crevasse Fall, Aborts Winter Gasherbrum I

Denis Urubko's bold attempt to climb Gasherbrum I in...
Topo of the 800m-long Diretissima route on the north face of Schrammacher.

New Route for Sieberer and Waldner on Schrammacher’s North Face

There is still room for true adventure and new...
Denis Urubko

Winter Gasherbrum I: Urubko To Reach Base Camp Today

The main stage of Denis Urubko's winter expedition to...
The sun rises on the upper sections of Civetta.

Winter Dolomites: New Route On The East Face of Civetta

Contrary to last season (which was very dry), the...
Welsted on an ice goulote.

Winter Climbing Areas, Part III: Canadian Rockies with Ian Welsted

While ice climbers in some places need to look...
Denis Urubko with expedition outfitter Hussain Askoli.

Urubko Approaches Gasherbrum Base Camp

Denis Urubko is underway in a wintery and exceptionally...
The climber progress up a vertical crack up the granite tower.

Torres del Paine: New Attempt to Free Climb ‘Riders on the Storm’

The first free climb of Riders on the Storm...
two pictures showing two completely different summits.

Nepali Ascent of Chhopa Bamare Disputed

It turns out that the claimed first Nepali ascent...
Txikon talks on the radio out of his tent, his face lightened by a lamp.

Winter Annapurna Attempt Ends

Alex Txikon has called off his attempt on Winter...
A sherpa climber inside a hole in the snow, roped up and with two coils of rope beside him.

Winter Annapurna: Another Setback

The Winter Annapurna team has again retreated from Camp...
A plane landed on ice by a volcanic caldera in a sunny day.

Climbers Target Mt. Sidley, Antarctica’s Highest Volcano

While teams line up on Vinson to tick off...
Some tents and a line of prayer flags on a rocky BC at the base of a rather dry Annapurna, under a blue sky.

Winter Annapurna: Camp 3 Tomorrow

Alex Txikon's team is back on Annapurna, at Camp...
A rescuer hangs from the side of a chopper flying toward a woodland area in a snowy ski resort.

Four Injured in Cable Car Crash at Austrian Ski Resort

Four members of a Danish family were seriously injured...
the climber on a vertical ice section.

Winter Climbing Areas, Part II: Nepal with Vinayak Malla

Besides hosting the highest mountains in the world, Nepal...
Urubko with a paper garland around his neck and surrounded by to local climbers.

Winter 8,000’ers: Urubko In Skardu, A New Member on Annapurna

Denis Urubko has finally reached Pakistan about 10 days...
Climbers on an ice line in a winter light, under the light of their headlamps.

A Three-Day Ice Climb On Mt. Agner in the Dolomites

A cold season in central Europe has inspired a...
Annapurna with a wind plume flying from its summit.

Winter Annapurna: Waiting For Jet Stream Winds to Ease

The winter Annapurna team is ready for a final...
A climber team holds a Nepalese flag on the summit of Chhopa Bamare.

Nepalese Team Opens Another 6,000’er For Potential Trekkers

Editor's note: The first ascenders of Chhopa Bamare have...

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